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You need an API key to authenticate your request. The good thing is:

as soon as you sign up, your user directly has an API key generated.

as soon as you create a band, your band directly has an API key generated

Just go to https://app.gigeasy/manageband/bandsettings and you will find the API key of the band and – in the members table – all the API keys of your band members directly beneath the user names.

With this API key you can retrieve all events of all bands that this user is a member of.

Example: let’s say your user is a member of 3 different bands registered on gigeasy, then you can retrieve the events of all three bands just by using his API key. This is super useful for example if you want to display all your gigs on your personal homepage.

On the other hand, if you only want to retrieve the events of one specific band, just use the band’s API key. This way you will only get the events for this specified band. This might be useful if you want to display the bands upcoming events on the band homepage.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

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